Embark on an Enlightening Journey Beyond the Ordinary, Where Serenity Meets Unparalleled Service.
Immerse Yourself in an Unbelievably Beautiful Environment and Embrace Experiences that Radiate Peace, Happiness, and Lasting Memories.

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At iRETREAT, we offer a unique opportunity to connect one on one with relatable, English-speaking monks who bring Thai Theravada Buddhism into a modern, practical context. Our monks, with experience in both ancient wisdom and the modern world, understanding the needs of each participant in our unique retreat. Through simple, easy-to-understand language, we provide a comprehensive understanding of Buddhist philosophy, equipping you with practical tools to cultivate well-being in your daily life. All signature programs engage you in live guided meditations by monks and inspiring talks to discover the peace and happiness within yourself. Experience an easy-to-do practice that enhances mental well-being that can be seamlessly integrated into your life back home.

A Living Story of Love

iRETREAT was born from a profound passion and purpose by its founder, Monk Duke, to illuminate an everlasting love story. Just as the Taj Mahal symbolizes an emperor’s enduring devotion, THE iRETREAT stands as a testament to a monk son’s boundless love for his mother. Every grain of sand and brick that forms THE iRETREAT radiates an energy of pure love. It’s not just a meditation sanctuary; it’s a living story of love.

iRETREAT Purpose

Monk Duke’s dedication to building a world-class retreat for his mother’s joyful meditation is a testament to their unbreakable bond. THE iRETREAT is not only a haven but also a living embodiment of a love story. Their connection exemplifies an exceptional relationship.

Moreover, THE iRETREAT serves as a beacon of hope for people navigating the mental stresses of today’s world. It offers a path to reconnect with oneself, fostering enlightening moments that enrich life’s journey. Beyond that, The iRETREAT extends its embrace to help uplift the social community, embodying the spirit of compassion and positive change.


Four Pillars of Enlightened Awakening

iRETREAT’s pillars are rooted in the four essential principles of “Sabai” (comfort, ease and tranquility), representing the highest standards of environment, food, people, and wisdom

Sabai Environment

Our traditional Thai architecture, landscapes and luxurious accommodation are meticulously designed and purpose built to inspire, rejuvenate, and provide an exclusive personal sanctuary. Each brick is a manifestation of our dedication to crafting an unparalleled meditation retreat.

Sabai Food

Our culinary offerings encompass a fusion of Thai and international cuisines, an orchestra of flavors designed to tantalize and satisfy the palate. This nourishment not only sustains the body but also feeds the soul, an integral part of the holistic iRETREAT experience.

Sabai People

At the heart of iRETREAT, our team of monks and friendly staff personify the essence of tranquility through their individual practices. By sharing their lived wisdom and cultivating positive energy, they curate an environment that fosters profound transformation in the Land of Smiles.

Sabai Wisdom

Guided by English-speaking monks, the wisdom of ages is distilled into relatable teachings to promote mental wellbeing. We demystify and simplify profound concepts, making them applicable to modern life. This empowers you to seamlessly weave these insights into your daily routines, fostering a life of enriched mindfulness and purpose.


iRETREAT Pak Thong Chai

Private Sanctuary

iRETREAT Koh Yao Noi

Private Andaman

iRETREAT Chiang Mai

Forest Sanctuary

Siam iRETREAT Pattaya

Siam Country Club


The Awakening

Mental Fitness

Family Bonding

Elevate from Within

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