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Private Sanctuary

Unique Experiences

Elevating the realm of wellness meditation to unprecedented heights, we proudly present the world’s most exclusive sanctuary for mental health and wellbeing located three hours and thirty minutes drive from Bangkok. Purpose built on a 40-hectare mountain property with just 8 Villas, we orchestrate a symphony of unparalleled care and sophistication. Our commitment is unwavering, as we embark on a journey tailored exclusively for you and a small group of up to 16 participants at any one time.

Dwelve into the serene atmosphere surrounded by sacred pagodas, transporting you to a realm infused with peaceful energy. Immerse yourself in our signature meditation programs thoughtfully crafted for exclusive groups, fostering intimacy, personalized guidance, and profound inner transformation at our flagship retreat.

Mental Wellbeing

In iRETREAT the wisdom of ages is distilled into relatable teachings to promote mental wellbeing. We demystify and simplify profound concepts, making them accessible instantaneously and applicable to modern day lifestyles. This empowers you to seamlessly weave these insights into your daily routines, fostering a life of enriched mindfulness and purpose.

Cultural Immersions

Join us on a transformative retreat, where we blend personal healing with enriching Thai cultural experiences. Discover inner peace and happiness as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of Thai culture.

The culmination of our retreat concludes with a profound inner healing—a journey towards inner peace and boundless happiness. As we gather together, filling the void within us through shared participation, we release luminous lanterns of light. This symbolic act signifies our transformative voyage towards a renewed self and an empowered future.

Fine Dining

Our culinary offerings encompass a fusion of Thai and international cuisines, an orchestra of flavors designed to tantalize and satisfy the palate. This nourishment not only sustains the body but also feeds the soul, an integral part of the holistic iRETREAT experience.

Spa and Massage

Further elevating the experience, we offer therapeutic Thai massages to promote relaxation, alleviate stress, and enhance overall well-being.

Additionally, exclusive access to hydro wellness spa facilities presents a unique opportunity for rejuvenation through hydrotherapy treatments.

Therapeutic Massage Menu

Thai Massage

Enhance blood circulation, induce muscle relaxation, and alleviate fatigue through the therapeutic combination of acupressure and yoga-inspired stretching techniques.

Lullaby Signature Massage

Indulge in our classic signature massage, an exquisite fusion of aromatherapy and the time-honored traditions of Thai massage. This harmonious blend is expertly designed to alleviate tension and melt away muscle stress, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation.

Hot Oil Aroma

Revel in the soothing experience of our Hot Oil Aroma Massage, a treatment that not only enhances blood circulation but also promotes natural fat burning. The skilled kneading and gentle rubbing techniques bring about a profound sense of relaxation and healing, leaving your skin impeccably smooth and your body luxuriously relaxed.

Fitness & Swimming Pool

iRETREAT offers an elegant oasis with extensive facilities to enhance your stay. From our inviting infinity pool to a comprehensive wellness center, your experience is designed for absolute indulgence and relaxation.

Facilities Lists

  • Infinity pool and Hot tub onsen
  • Gym with Sauna & Vichy shower
  • Dining area & Recreation lounge with a snooker table
  • Living room lounge
  • 2 Kilometers walking track
  • Multi-purpose Hall for Corporate Group retreat
  • Meditation Hall
  • Meditation Cetiya
  • Multi-purpose Outdoor Space
  • Outdoor Amphitheatre

Seamless Living

Welcome to our luxurious oasis, where we prioritize your comfort and convenience. From start to finish, we ensure a seamless stay with:

Roundtrip Airport Transfers
Unpacking/Packing Service (upon request)
Daily Laundry (excluding dry cleaning)
High-speed WiFi
Private On-site Car Service

Upon your arrival, savor a soothing herbal drink, setting a serene tone for your stay.


Explore firsthand testimonials on how a diverse group of clients from physicians, business executives, families, couples and individual’s lives have been positively shaped by iRETREAT’s transformative wellness programs.

“Transformative. A truly enlightening experience. We were here for two nights, yet feel like we have gained an immeasureable amount of peace, knowledge and are going back home with full hearts.” – Megha and Aswii

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