iRETREAT Pak Thong Chai

A sanctuary for wellness, healing and meditation, iRETREAT Pak Thong Chai offers an immersive experience in a lush estate with luxury villas.

iRETREAT Koh Yao Noi

Harnessing the meditative sound of the waves, iRETREAT Koh Yao Noi creates a luxury experience focused on mindfulness on a picturesque tropical island in the Andaman Sea.


High in the mountain and amidst tropical forests, iRETREAT Pa Pae offers a tenting experience focused on mediation, mindfulness, and reconnecting with nature.

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iRETREAT Pattaya

Fronted by a serene lake and surrounded by rolling hills and a golf course, iRETREAT Pattaya, offers a unique experience focused on meditation and mindfulness.

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