Volunteer Opportunity with iRETREAT

One-Month and Two-Month Volunteer Opportunities

Our one-month and two-month volunteer positions offer a unique chance to immerse yourself in the iRetreat Wellness Meditation experience and infuse mindfulness into your daily routine. To apply, candidates should possess a solid foundation in meditation practice, prior retreat experience, and a willingness to contribute to the organization of community, family, and retreat events – both online and in-person – across our three locations in Thailand: Pak Thong Chai, Koh Yao Noi, and Pa Pae.

Volunteers will collaborate with our facilities, kitchen, events, and administrative teams to help curate and facilitate retreat events. In return for their service, volunteers receive accommodations, meals, access to the retreat environment, and the opportunity to become a part of our staff community.

Expectations include approximately 30 hours of work per week, with two days off provided. Specific departmental assignments will be based on the applicant’s skills and the current needs and special programs at iRetreat. Volunteers should be physically fit and in good health.

Administrative duties encompass working closely with our full-time admin team and creative graphic designers to shape and design iRETREAT community projects catering to individuals, families, and corporations. This role also involves crafting visual content for effective communication across our social media platforms.

To apply

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