Since 2019, iRETREAT has been a haven for those seeking clarity, inner change, and mental well-being. We have been helping people from all nationalities, beliefs and relegions find their true and lasting fulfillment in life.

Our signature Awakening Programme will give you a full understanding on the Sati & Sabai Meditation Technique that we share with our guests so that they can quickly and easily achieve profound inner experiences during the live guided meditation by English speaking monks.

We currently offer courses in Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese.

iRETREAT Unveiled – Your Journey to the New Era of Meditation

At iRETREAT, you’ll embark on a transformative journey guided by English-speaking monks with decades of experience, providing structured and progressive training. Experience a blend of theoretical and practical teachings tailored for the modern individual, encompassing meditation and practical Buddhism.

Immerse yourself in the richness of Thainess through the combination of Thai Buddhist philosophy, Thai meditation and Thai hospitality offering a holistic experience. We employ a modern approach to access ancient wisdom, ensuring relevance and applicability in today’s world. Join us to explore, learn, and grow in a supportive environment, where tradition meets evidence-based practices for your personal and spiritual development.

Embark on a journey of scientific inner exploration, leveraging the powerful tool of meditation. Our evidence-based practices lead to profound and fruitful results, rooted in personal inner experiences that you will surely feel and resonate with.

Experience the transformative principle of ‘Ehipassiko,’ inviting you to come and see for yourself the immense benefits awaiting within. Through our innovative approach, We unlock the timeless wisdom resulting in unlimited potential for profound self-discovery and growth, paving the way for a more fulfilling and enriched life.


The Awakening

Mental Fitness

Elevate from Within

Family Bonding

Mental Wellbeing


Recharge (Burnout)

Rediscover your vitality and inner strength through our supercharge technique. Our comprehensive pre and post holistic assessments ensure that the program is tailored to your needs, allowing you to embrace holistic well-being in the fullest sense.

Clarity (Intuition)

Navigate life’s uncertainties with a recalibrated compass. Immersive experiences, coupled with expert guidance, lead you to renewed purpose. Our pre and post program support ensures a seamless journey towards clarity.

Decompress (Stress)

Putting in more than you can take out, we will guide you to effectively and quickly unload the unwanted internal rubbish and help you click the recycle button

Sleep Better (Insomnia)

Embrace rejuvenating sleep patterns and conquer insomnia. Personalized strategies for deep slumber arise from sleep evaluations. Our commitment extends through pre and post-program care, providing sustained sleep improvements.

Feel Good (Dissatisfaction)

Reconnecting with Emotions – Rekindle your connection to emotions. Assessments guide you to rediscover pleasure in your senses and reignite connections. Our continuous support ensures that you continue to feel good long after the program concludes.

Breathe Again (lost outside)

Present Moment Focus – Immerse in the beauty of the present. Mindfulness evaluations ground you in the now. With pre and post-program guidance, we ensure that the benefits of mindfulness extend well into your daily life.

Heal from Inside (Grief/Heart Broken)

Losing a loved one or someone you love who has departed away. Once we show you how to find your inner light, you will be at peace and be able to bring back that smile in your life.

Build Confidence (Anxiety)

Lessen those negative inner voices and grow with positivity from within. Everything’s going to be all right, and things will be beyond your expectations.

Every Moment Counts (Bored)

Embracing Boredom – Transform monotony into appreciation. Assessments cultivate gratitude, allowing joy in the smallest aspects of life. Our ongoing aftercare program reinforces this perspective shift.

Life is Limited (Death)

Embracing Mortality – Confront life’s impermanence and embrace purpose. Assessments lead to a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. Our commitment to your ongoing journey ensures that this purpose remains alive and thriving.

One Way Ticket (Terminal Illnesses)

Find Beautiful Moments of Freedom. Although life has been defined, you can learn how to mentally get out of the physical problem.

Love Yourself (Letting Go of Past Mistakes)

Letting Go of Past Mistakes – Cultivate self-love and forgiveness. Self-discovery assessments help you fall in love with yourself and embrace each moment. With our aftercare program, you’ll continue to nurture this love and self-acceptance.

Turn Back Time (Work Mode Excessive Habit)

Be a Kid once more, no worries, no concerns. Don’t think, don’t analyze. Feel, go with the flow of the abundance of happiness that lies within.

Connect to your Higher Power

Unleash unlimited power of creativity and wisdom as well as mental and physical strength. Once you know how to connect you will never want to disconnect from this supreme source of positivity that lies within each and everyone of us.

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