Mental Mastery for Athletes

Our specially curated iRETREAT Mental mastery for Athletes Program is a cutting-edge mental training program for athletes, coaches and other performers. This program provides expert guidance in building mindfulness skills that are essential to consistent, optimal performance.

Mindfulness and meditation are being used increasingly in the world of professional sports, to optimize performance, improve mental and physical health, and increase strength and resilience. The benefits of meditation are primarily linked to improving psychological health, regulating mental processes and coping with emotions. Being present can help athletes stay focused, block out distractions and leave the stresses and worries of everyday life behind when it is time to perform. This allows athletes to access the optimal mindset for elite performance, placing all of their concentration on their game.

Mindfulness provides the platform for athletes to enter what is known as the “flow state.” This is when athletes become fully immersed in their performance, and their movements and actions become instinctive. Years of practice are vital in reaching this flow state. However, mindfulness training can help athletes get to this level of absolute focus and instinctive high-level performance. Mindfulness helps to accelerate the process, ensuring that athletes’ mental capabilities are in tune with their athletic performance. In high octane atmospheres such as sport stadiums athletes need to be able to keep control of their attention, manage internal processes and stay focused on the task at hand to achieve optimal performance. Mindfulness helps with nerves and performance anxiety and develops an athlete’s emotional intelligence.

Mental Mastery for Athletes Program Components:

  1. Understanding the Mind and how to Master Yourself
  2. Guided Exercises to improve your focus and concentration for getting in the zone
  3. Positive Psychology and Mindset Shift to harness your Full Potential
  4. Learn how to build new, positive habits and break through limiting beliefs
  5. Physical Wellbeing (therapeutic massages, spa wellness, infinity pool, fully equipped fitness center, walking track and movement)
  6. Personalized question and answer with a wellbeing coach
  7. Personalized wellness meals

Cultural Experiences:

  1. Candlelight Ceremony & Lantern Releasing
  2. Traditional Thai Cultural experiences
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